So here I was dragging me 6 tyres across the field towards the Two2Go tents that had been set up in the middle of the marshes. The 40 kgs seemed okay at the time.....5 olympic tyres led of course by Tam.  The Two2Go team provided us with a stall, compost and pots so that we could encourage everyone to "grow their own" with seeds supplied by Suttons. Admitedly, Uncle Wayne and Liu Jie did all the work, as I got pulled away. Tam and the Olympic kids were causing quite a stir. Everyone wanted to try to pull the tyres, little kids tried pulling the tyres and the BBC China crew tried pulling the tyres.

Did a couple of interviews with BBC China and BBC Vietnam and felt a little like a performing monkey dragging the Olympic kids up and down the field. Pulling them up and down as well as having to retrieve the tyres from where folks left them because they were too tired to bring them back to their Grandma Tam, plus combined with the heat, I started to feel a little tired. But the kids were having a field day, proudly showing off! Come the 3K race, I began to wonder whether I should leave the kids behind and just take Tam. Well you know how kids are........ so they came along with me on the 3K race. Tam was happy to have a rest after all she did do a marathon the week before.

The 3K Race
The kids were certainly looking gay and happy in the sunshine. I was going to take them on the race. "Ready steady go" and everyone zoomed off. I managed to at least jog across the field to the road. The friction, weight (30kg) and heat brought me down to a walk. In the distance I could already see the front man at the half way mark!

After 300m I began to wonder whether I should turn back but the stuborn bull in me said to continue. I continued to the 500m mark and again wondered perhaps I should pick up the kids.  But well being a softy, the kids were having fun so I left them chatting and bumping into each other and giggling when passerbys looked at them strangely.
Finally a 1km marker. Woo hoo - 2 more to go.

The heat was bearing down on me and all I began to think about now was water. I wished that someone would come find me with a bottle of water. At 1.5km that wish came true as I finally saw a marshal who kindly offered me her bottle of water.  Burning thighs coupled with drag from the Olympic kids had me going at a real snail pace. I struggled and stopped every so often. However seeing the Olympic Rings, I figured the road may look long but the spirit is strong and I will complete the event.

I mushed on and after 1:03:15 I staggered across the finish line and was snapped by the Hackney Gazette pushing towards the finish line.

It is exciting to have been part of this very special day. I hope more people are inspired to play sport and the surrounding communities are proud of the Olympics. Two2Go is helping to get more people involved in sport.  Next up is event on the 11th September. I will be there with one of the twins taking part in the marathon. You can still sign up for events there. See  Two2Go marathon

Maybe I will see you there. :o)

Thank you Liu Jie and Uncle Wayne for all your help on the day. You guys were brilliant . Also thank you to the Two2Go team for inviting me. Loved the hula hooping :o)

Link to BBC Vietnam for Olympics 2012
Eddie is an amazing woman who in her 60s has completed 2 iron man events and qualified for Hawaii AND ran a gfa (Good For Age) in the marathon part of the event. She is also the the organiser of Two2Go - a marathon that I will be completing in Sept. She got me over one weekend to check out the route as well as to identify any areas that could have "health and safety" concerns for runners, myself, members of the public. As you can imagine we had some time together. In the time her infectious enthusiasm drew me into her campaign to bring sport into the community as well as to ensure the Olympic Village does become a legacy.

So I have now got a set of new tyres. 4 motor bike tyres and a small car tyre that I will be dragging in a 5K run on Saturday, plus 20 bicycle tyres for the kids to have a race. Today I will be preparing all the tyres. Let's pray the weather stays nice and dry :o)

So me and Ted are now classed as a athlete!!!! See this week's Athletics Weekly http://www.exacteditions.com/exact/browse/431/484/7398/2/82

Am mentioned on the same page as Usain Bolt......note that I am trying to escape out the back page!!! Perhaps Mr Bolt would join me in a little tyre pulling :o)
: Good
Route Descriptions: Very good - only got lost once due to the public signage for the turn off obscured by trees and bushes. Map also provided.
Checkpoints: Good with homemade bread and butter pudding at each stop
Volunteers: All very friendly
End: Medal and BBQ - couple of veggie burgers for me

Check event information here.
My cousin and Aunt, knew how a lady tyre should be dressed up and so Tam was made glam with a little lip stick and and some "bling bling" and so she swagged about in this event and got a 08:30:00 PB in 26.2 miles

About the Race
Throughout the entire race we were seeing runners and of course loads of Fetchies passed us.  Nightjar first in the carpark; Anna and GymFreak - am sure she's following me :o) - and many more whose names I don't know. In fact this was a total FetchFest! Due to the staggered start times of runners, we saw many more people than normal right up until mile 20!

About the Route
When one thinks of Stevenage, one doesn't think excitement! My aunt and cuzzy go there shopping and shopping does not do much for Tam. Although it was rather bizarre how she enjoyed the fuss they made of her. Guess I hadn't realised how girly she was!

The route started across a grassy verge, into a park  and some roads, housing estates, the local football club, marshes......nothing really to report until we came to the edge of a village called Chapmore End.....A runner exited from the village muttering something under his breath about the checkpoint being in the village.

The village was quiet, birds singing, sun shining......no residents could be seen. Instead in the front of each house were scarecrows. Had the villagers all been turned to children's nursery rhymes? Had the runner escaped? Reaching the checkpoint, there was a "village" drinking and dining in the pub, and we realised the runner had missed his turn. Oh well, it was a nice day to run extra miles :o)

It was a fantastic day, and with Tam's extra bling, she messed around with the animals as per usual rounding them up with her animal magnetism. I wonder if she ever spent time with Dr Doolittle.

She is a natural kind of tyre-gal!

Thank you to my relatives for putting us up; Uncle Wayne for being there as always; and to all the runners who donated on the day and online. All proceeds have been given to Earthwatch.

Also thank you to the race director for allowing me to take Tam on possibly her last outing.