Tyre Performance
Hi All - the tyres have been working hard to deliver you a performance like no other set of wheels. They have been busy playing with human bodies!!!!

So click here for an amazing singing routine or click here if you want to see their Christmas dance to you all.

May you all be blessed with much love, many smiles and laughter

Thank you to everyone who has ventured onto this website and viewed its contents and to everyone who has donated to my various causes. Your support has been fantastic.

This year was the introduction of trail marathons using route descriptions and I really enjoyed all of them even though I got lost on most of them. These are the highlights

Best organised: Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1: had mile markers but backed it up with a route description in case some mischief maker took down the markers....which did happen!
Best cakes: toss up between "Bath Beat" and "Where Ravens Dare"
Best scenery: Really difficult to decide. It has been a tour of countrysides, mind blowing panorama, small towns and quirky villages.
Most difficult: "Steppingley Steps" was slow due to miles of mud sucking, boot clinging terrain; "Where Ravens Dare" had lots of steep climbs up and down in South Wales, pretty much one hill/mountain after another!
Flattest route: Two-2-Go - it's along the canal most of the way and got a PB despite a mischief maker stealing a sign and turning another one in the opposite direction.
Hottest route: Standard Charted Singapore Marathon (SCSM) - the heat and humidity in Singapore can be stiffling. If you're over 6 hrs, would recommend you carry a water bottle so that you have enough water between drink stations in the final miles; although drink stations are normally 2-3kms apart, the hot sun will cause you to beg for more frequent water points! If you are over 4 hrs, there is potentially a bottle neck of 1/2 marathoners, 10 km participants that will cause congestion at 36 kms until the end. It is the only negative for this event and something organisers still need to get right for future events. For a world class marathon, SCSM has the most generous cut off time with a tendency to keep the timing stand up until the very last participant has hobbled/crawled through. For the last 2 years, I have seen the last participant come in between 9-10 hrs.
PictureDec: SCSM
Best end reception:  All have been really good, but having friends cheer you throughout the day and at the end point makes the experience even better. So with friends and a cheering MC, SCSM has always been a great close to my year.

Most auspicious time: SCSM with 8:08

Heaviest and most number of tyres: 5 tyres in After Adoption 5Km Run, weighing in at 36kg. Completed in 1:37:20

So having successfully completed 10 marathon events this year, it now seems that I should add the zero on and go for 100 by at least 2020........to tyre dragging and beyond! Woo hoo.
This run was done for ACRES to help them build their sanctuary. If you would like to support the charity and the run, you can do that at http://www.give.sg/TeamGIVE/TyreGirl/Acres or directly on ACRES website: http://www.acres.org.sg/donate.html and tag as "tyregirl run"

Thank you to everyone who has donated.

Yes these are crazy friends/supporters monkeying around. Tring (my tyre) appears to have that effect on people. Guess who wouldn't after being awake since 3am.....

This is 04:08 in the morning! Seemingly nocturnal creatures, M and F joined me to keep me company before the event and to kick me off at the start. Their beastly roars at the start kept me going for the next 5kms.

Marinna and MingFeng from ACRES stayed with me for over half of the route, having only trained up to 10 km previously. I told them SCSM would be good training for their 50 km walk! Besides, I'd only be doing 5-6 km/hr, which is a medium paced walk.

Charlene also dropped by at various points and at 25 kms, provided a very welcomed cold towel.

In the background is a traffic jam along Orchard Road at 4 in the morning! Apparently a whole bunch of social animals came to see the inaugural wonderment of Orchard Road Christmas lights being switched on for the marathon.

Yes they were not there to support the marathon but were attracted to the lights....

....but nonetheless there were a lot of people at the start. In fact about 20,000 participants joined the full marathon......so am not the only crazy  wildcat about.

Singapore Eye
....and when the starting horn went, the bulging pen was opened and the stampede began. But Tring is like a cat, she hunts alone and bides her time to pick off the weakest! And off into the Eye we went....

Marina Bay Sands
...past the concrete trees....always on the look out for watering holes.

The watering holes are always friendly places for animals to gather together. Only pleasantries between different animals are allowed at any watering hole and sometimes caws of "Protect Our Animals" can be heard.

But wildcat Tring, rarely stopped for the first 15 kms....as she wanted to keep moving before the heat lashed out.

Along at nearly 16kms at East Coast, about 3 hrs into the race, we met a route block

Volunteer: "Sorry you have to turn around"
Me: "What?"
Volunteer: "You've not met the cut off time"
I growled: "You must be kidding! I'm almost on those runners in front of me (@ 50 yds), let me through and I won't be the last!"

Volunteer opened the barricade and let me through.

A livestock of "barefoot/natural" runners were roped together, perhaps had to drag each other near to the end of the route as from 10am the heat began to beat down. I put on sun block factor 50 several times but as time moved on, the sun drilled through the sun block like a swarm of Scottish mosquitoes eating through a barrier of jungle juice.

My arms and hands felt swollen by 27 kms and as the sun became more was ferocious,  I was burnt by the end of the event.

Past the 30 km mark, we saw runners affected by the heat and I nearly became a victim at 39 km. Throat felt numb, head felt light, limbs were slowing down.

I decided to sit for 15 minutes at the next watering hole and to swallow a pack of salt with 500 ml of water. Although head wasn't quite right, decided to get going as crowds of people overtook me back! So for 1.5 km had to do a very slow walk. Was very grateful to Daniel (thumbs up), who joined me at about 15 kms, and looked after me until the end. It was a symbiotic relationship!

...and with all the yells of "Go Tyregirl"..."Go Tyre-ger"...., Daniel transformed into a tiger towards the end and bounded to the end.
....And at the end of the day, Tring got her slaves June and Sabrina to take her for a walk back in town....

Chat back of the day:
Volunteer(s)/Passerby(s): You have a big snake.....can I have your snake?
Me: Excuse me??!!! Err perhaps you can take this tyre to the end of the race.

You taking your animals out?
Sabrina: Yes, just taking them for a Sunday stroll.

Special Thanks For Helping Make the Day:
- Karen for sewing on my snake and helping me prepare my box
- Monica, Fanny, June and Sabrina who have supported me in every tyre pulling SCSM
- ACRES staff and ACJC volunteers for their fantastic support along the entire route
- PG and Mum Corrine for their pre-help
- Owen for his teddy bear and dog; Marinna for her snake and orangutan.
- Sabrina for the use of her photos and video
- Daniel - for being my tiger!

: Excellent
Drink points: Approx every 2km-3km right to the end even after 8 hrs. Would still advise bringing a bottle for a very hot day as a cup of water to last 2-3km in the last 10km is hard going.
Scenery:  Great for sight seeing tourist spots
Weather: When it's hot, it sucks!
Time completed: 8:08 - a very auspicious number :-)
BBC's weather forecast for Sunday is looking good. If it keeps below 30 degs we will all be happy.  However the local weather forecast predicts there will be a high of 32 degs. In addition to that I need to manage a girly function that happens every month.....rubbish grrr.

Trang was at the back of a storage area and difficult to get to and so Tring was dropped off on Thursday and is now undergoing a make over. Have not worked much with Tring, except for about 6kms in 2008. She is shiny and new, which means she's going to be a hard pull! Oh well she is looking pretty.

Met up with charity yesterday as they want to put some supporters along route. They are all very excited. In addition there will be 50 barefoot runners who will be tied together to form a human catepillar who are also trying to raise funds for ACRES and looking to beat a guiness book of record.

So watch out for the animals along route.