I have been rather slack in updating the blog and will have 3 marathons to write up after this weekend as well as why the Tyre Lady-Ice is no longer on facebook. Sometimes life places obstacles in our way and sometimes it tries to pull you in different directions......and then along comes a tyre to make you smile.........the wonderful Drue.
Thank you to all the RDs who have let us tyres join your event, folks who have encouraged the mad girly who pulls us, folks who have supported our "Reduce Single Use Plastic" motto, and everyone who has followed this blog.

Wishing you all a brilliant 12 days full of laughter and happiness.

Reu and the tyres xxx

TG is now on the next level. Tyre Lady (TL) now takes over for the next 50 marathon/ultras.

St Joseph International, Singapore used Hazel (the pledge tyre) to promote Earth Day on 22 April 2014. Students/teachers competed to see how fast they could pull the tyre over 25 metres.

This was a short distance, and a good thing too. Hazel was roughed about as the students and teachers examined the effort to creating a sustainable future.

1. One person can move sustainability easily by themselves but as time goes by might find motivation to be an issue
2. Sometimes one person in a team has to do more than the other in order to move sustainability along. This can occur in teams where one person finds him/herself doing the work for all the others! It will become a struggle for the person who becomes the donkey!
3. Trying to be sustainable can have all types of obstacles, but if we work as a team we can move mountains!
Note: The pictures were compiled in YouTube's video editor. So the video ends a little abruptly. Better to create these types of videos in PowerPoint or Movie Maker! Will allow you to add introductions and endings for a more complete video.

Pictures were provided by Margaretha from SJI. (thank you)
Garden Spot Village's pledge tyre guardian Scott, has found Tyrone (the pledge tyre) a prominent seat to exchange ideas on sustainability and how to reduce trash within the village.

Bisaniiwewin - pre-make over
Having arrived in the US without a tyre, my friends took me to a farm yard to choose a tyre. There were macho tractor tyres of all sizes saying "pick me, pick me", but they were not the ones. We were looking for a peace tyre. 

After looking thru a couple of barns, Richard picked out a wretched looking snow-mobile trailer tyre. A sport trax 20.5 x 8.0-10, 15lb tyre with a scar on one side. The other tyres told me they were better looking, but instantly I knew she was the one!

Bisaniiwewin with Erin, Jeremy and Dave
Erin removed her rim, scrubbed her up and cabled her. 

She was now ready for her make over and given the name Bisaniiwewin, which means Peace in the Ojibwey language.

February: The year was kicked off with the Enigma 4 marathons in 4 days challenge and the fastest time was completed by Rec (7:10:49) and our longest event so far.
March: Red was introduced to the world in the Daffodil Dawdle and by December she has finally accepted to being dragged!
April: We finally got a time in the London Marathon.
May: Landy was introduced to the world. Currently he is the highest tyre (15 kg) and is in a relationship with Red.
June: Had fun in the Hatfield McCoy marathon - this has the bestest, most excellent value for an event
July: Had a beautiful race in the High Weald Challenge
Aug: Rec did a reasonable time in Santa Rosa at 7:45:32 and stayed for the sunshine rather than return to the UK. He didn't want to have cold treads
Sept: Armani was introduced to the world and went to the top of Kilimanjaro. He is the highest tyre - 5895m.
Nov: Red was still sticking her treads into the ground, picking up mud and leaves in the Gatliff Challenge.
Dec: Red helped TG complete her 25th tyre dragging marathon and has decided to try to be a better tyre for 2012!
Tam has the ability to call animals to her and has been retired to a place in the garden to enjoy the animal scenery. All the tyres voted this photo as their photo for Christmas.

Thank you everyone for visiting this site.

More news on the way with the Christmas Marathon Challenge on the 27th Dec and then 135 miles in North Minnesota where the temperatures last year were recorded at -60 degs F. TG is currently researching into how to keep her feet and hands warm as she has raynauds.
Was I Tired?
I've decided to take my training a little more seriously, so intended to take Landy out on a 13 mile pull. We landed in Windsor Great Park and set off over a nice dirt track path towards the lake. The few people that were out there at that time of the morning either smiled or laughed at us and I was happy to be able to bring out so many smiles. There were a couple of stops to talk to inquisitive people.
One little girl who looked about 5 years old, saw me, put her hands on her hip and exclaimed "You must be tired!". I laughed and replied "not yet love, got another 11 miles to go"

Using Landy as a Carriage?
Being Sunday it was a sunny day and hotter than usual (over 20 degrees). I soon found myself diving into my second bottle of water and pulling up my t-shirt to expose my stomach to try to keep cooler. We got round the lake with a couple of walking breaks and then headed over to the polo fields as the route is normally quieter.  However today was a special day and it was heaving with people dressed up in evening summer wear. And if they thought I was crazy, I thought there were so many mad women wearing 4 inch heels on uneven ground and grass!!! Of course the pointy heels sank into the ground. So I asked a man called Giles with his entourage of 4 women about the polo who was playing today. He exclaimed "Yes there is polo but it certainly is not for the polo that we are here - har har" and shook his Sainsbury carrier bag of booze.  Keeping Landy very close to me, decided to check it all out and soon became enveloped with people all round. There were more smiles and curiousity about Landy. Thought I could easily set myself up as entertainment! Someone suggested that I take people for a ride and charge money!......If only I could drag a 60-80kg body on tarmac!!!

The road "Smith's lawn" had been blocked to cars and the fields had been set up for parking. One small area (0.5% of the entire field area) had been set up as a special picnic area that was completely covered in people. No blade of grass could be seen. I wondered why anyone would want to cram themselves in a tiny space when there was a fantastic park to spread themselves out over. Guess it's like a large car park. As soon as one person has parked themselves, all the other subsequent cars that enter the car park congregate around the immediate vicinity of  the first car. I believe this must be human instinct to behave like a pack......of sheep, easily herded into one area. Although there were some who decided to picnic by their cars.

Head to Head with Prince Phillip
Passing the main polo field, a retail village had been set up. I was tempted by the distraction, but in my heart I really wanted to get back moving to complete 13 miles and so continued to the barricade at the other end of the road where I met Paul who was manning the barricade. Waiting for cars to pass, had a chat with him, and got him to write me a peace message. As he got back to work, and I got ready to go, there was a black car in front of me. Opps it was Prince Phillip. Of course I smiled, did a quick wave of apology and moved to one side so that Paul could remove the barricade to allow HRM through as well as move the crowd to one side to allow his car through.

Cartier Day
Soon after I met a couple who came to find out what I was training for and thought I was still studying. I asked them what was the event all about. They cooly said that it was "Cartier Day".
"Cartier Day?" I enquired.
"Yes Cartier Day" they responded.
"Apologies I am an ignorant foreigner brought up on the shores of Singapore"

...and so they explained Cartier Day and followed up the conversation with their Singaporean experiences.

The Crown Estate
Heading out of Smith's Lawn I saw a big man with a baby girl sitting on the grass having a little picnic with her. It was strange to me as it was hot and the baby had no shade and he was a big guy trying to get this little baby to eat. As she stared at Landy, the man told her in a small voice that men do to kids "she's pulling a tyre". I wondered if he was undercover agent!

10 metres pass this man, I looked beyond the polo field entrance and saw a lot of cars queued up. I decided to call it a day at this point not wanting to be obstructive to traffic and turned off towards Saville Gardens. Saw some wardens and waved to them and  a man approached me. He was the head warden of the park and respectfully told me to get an agreement with the Crown Estate to drag the tyre in the park. Naturally he was concerned about me being obstructive and I understood that today was not the day to be dragging a tyre in the park.

And so now I await a reply from the Crown Estate with fingers crossed for a positive reply.
Red was a little annoyed with TG today and made it apparent. So Red will write her diary entry in by Sunday 17th July as TG's alter ego has got to go work now. Have a great week all.