BBC's weather forecast for Sunday is looking good. If it keeps below 30 degs we will all be happy.  However the local weather forecast predicts there will be a high of 32 degs. In addition to that I need to manage a girly function that happens every month.....rubbish grrr.

Trang was at the back of a storage area and difficult to get to and so Tring was dropped off on Thursday and is now undergoing a make over. Have not worked much with Tring, except for about 6kms in 2008. She is shiny and new, which means she's going to be a hard pull! Oh well she is looking pretty.

Met up with charity yesterday as they want to put some supporters along route. They are all very excited. In addition there will be 50 barefoot runners who will be tied together to form a human catepillar who are also trying to raise funds for ACRES and looking to beat a guiness book of record.

So watch out for the animals along route.


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