A bright morning start!
The last time I did laps was for an ultra trail marathon. I didn't take a tyre at the time due to the rockiness and tree roots that the route had. Instead me and a buddy ran one lap, skipped the next, went backwards the next, etc. The style of each lap kept us both fully occupied.

This time no silliness - just me and Rec to learn Italian. I wish you could all hear this Italian lesson. I was so bored with it that after one lap had to put the MP3 away before it made me fall asleep. I can now order coffee with milk and a bottle of red wine after an hour of listening to it! My first lap was slow and wonder if that has anything to do with what my mind was occupied with.

Oh well Rec was singing away to himself and I decided to join him with some power ballards and a beetles song or two. There were time improvements on the 2nd and 3rd laps. 4th lap we began to struggle with a song to sing. Think we were both getting bored with our own voices.....So for all you readers, here's a song from the Beetles...

The Caldecotte Arms teasing!
By the 5th lap and with the drier tarmac path, Rec had slowed down. He was grumbling about the bits biting into his tread so I called him a drag! I know I shouldn't have but that's what happens sometimes when tyre and puller spend too much time with each other. I don't think he liked my rendition of the song either....

"Yesterday - Rec was such an easy tyre to play,
Now it looks as though he's sulking away,
Oh I believe in Yesterday"

So Rec sulked and the last 2 laps were really hard going. We only ran about 40% of the route, compared with day 1 when we ran about 50-60%.

Time completed in: 8:07:39

Thank you for the kind donations from the 60 and 80 year old couples. Your donations will be going to Earthwatch. Thank you also to all the runners for your constant support, the fantastic deputy race director Sam B-Lass and the chocolate lady Rach E :-)



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