The Weather
It was a great day for pulling a tyre. A constant to medium drizzle, complete with cloudy skies. Both Rec and TG (Tyre Girl) were both happy, although had been praying the week before for snow and a little ice!

Tyre Rec
Rec was not given much pre-race attention. He looked rough and was rather disappointed that TG hadn't given him much of a spruce up beforehand. He felt he was looking a little uncool and whilst in the boot of the car, had been trying to persuade the spare car tyre to take his place!

Tyre Girl (TG)
For the last 2 weeks, TG had been rushing round the country with work. She did not think rushing from Scotland to Bedfordshire the night before would take it out of her. She looked rough, however is apologetic to Rec for not preparing beforehand, as she knew 2 months before they'd be doing the event!

At this moment in time, TG would have preferred to be snug in her bed. Her head was a mushroom of "blurness" every day of the Quadzilla.

Foxy Davy
The Event
Rec: Foxy Davy (FD), the organiser, was bright, bouncy and sparky. He briefed TG on the route. I, Rec, do not believe she really understood a word of what he had said as her brain was still in la-la land. But she nodded as if she had taken it all in.
TG: Well it's only physical, I don't have to use my head to move my legs!
FD: Right guys am flagging you off. Get ready.....5...4...3...2...1
TG: Hips forward, lean and let's go....

The Canal!
Rec slid and glided along the rain lubricated tow path. The gravel pathway felt smooth, and didn't feel like it was biting into his rubber. He shimmied round the lake and as TG and Rec completed their first lap, Foxsake overtook waving them off as they diverted towards the canal route.

Rec: Except TG somehow managed to go off course. So she unhooked me and left me by some gate, whilst she checked into a garden centre.
TG: Sorry guys, had to ask for directions....I forgot what FD said and the route description was not matching up with the surrounding area. But no worries, the man inside has said we're at the bottom of Fenton Stratton or something and only remember the first bit of what he said. I'll wing the rest of the route.

And sure enough, after asking 2 more guys, they were soon back on the canal just after the Red Lion pub.

TG seemed strong, but as the rain continued to drizzle TG's skin did not agree with staying damp for so long. Soon eczema broke out on TG's neck, back and arms.  She tried to resist, tried to think of positive things, tried to concentrate purely on leaning and pulling her legs but the itch became too great and she clawed her skin for about 6 miles.
Heading towards 3 Locks
As she came in close to the Three Locks pub she finally sorted out her clothing, alas too late. The damage had been done; her arms and neck were raw and stinging. Unfortunately like a post-hayfever attack, a post-eczema attack left TG feeling drained and wanting to sleep.

The Grove Lock/Pub
TG now feeling weary, struggled onwards to The Grove Lock/Pub. Fortunately Lady Marion (LM) was waiting at this turn around point, armed with jelly babies. A short positive natter with LM provided the rest that TG needed and a shot of life returned to TG. She soon found herself able to do a slow jog back to Tescos and then a run/walk back to the Lakes. Finishing in 7:14:50 - a new tyre record!

The weather, although great for ducks as well as for tyre pulling, is not kind to shoes and feet over long distances. Some water seeped into TG's shoes, however, fortunately only one blister formed at the bottom of TG's big toe that had to be ignored for the duration of the day. In the evening TG lanced the blister, unfortunately it reappeared on days 2 and 3 until she cut part of the skin off! Day 4 - no pain.



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