One2Go volunteers
Last year, I participated in the Two2Go event, which although some milage was added on due to some village idiot changing the signs around, still did a reasonable time. However there were a number of problems with that event and having met and respected the organizers, decided to help this year to establish an easier route and to improve the watering points.

The 2Go
theme has been the countdown to the Olympics, so a simple route to include as many of the Olympic sites was designed. That is: straight up to the white water rafting centre and back to the Olympic stadium along the canal. It was so simple that it would reduce instances of getting lost or confused. Can't ever say NO-ONE would get confused due to lack of concentration!!! It happens in marathons, even in 5K runs, as demonstrated by a friend who managed to get lost on 3 separate occasions on the same 5K run!!!

On the day, my focus was to be a roving marshal to ensure the last watering points were adequate to see the marathon runners until the end. One of the watering points was also the 10K and 5K turn around point. So 2 sets of volunteers were established to focus on either the 5K/10K event or the marathon event.

Having cycled up to the Olympic Stadium, decided to establish one more watering point at the turn around point, as well as find further help for the marshalling at blind spots along the canal, so that no cyclist would kill a runner! The marshals at the bridge blind spot and the turn around point were excellent.

Now the last improvement that needs to be made is the finish and perhaps Eddie (main organizer) will be able to get that to the Olympic Stadium. Fingers crossed, let's hope the authorities can allow that one last vision to happen. After all the Olympics is supposed to be a legacy for East London!

Congratulations to Eddie and the team :-)


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